Fabian’s Focus on Tokyo

At the 34th Trampoline World Championships there will all eyes on the world’s best athletes. After years of reflected training it should show a highlight result. One of the challengers is Fabian Vogel, the new German Champion. Two weeks ago in Dessau he convinced with a very good shape and stoked hope for Worlds. The 24years old athlete started in a small club at the age of seven, improved step by step, got motivation and…
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Fantastic Line-up

A new amazing olympic venue, a thrilling japanese metropole, an exciting asian atmosphere, brand new trampolines and of course the best athletes of the world. The 34th Trampoline World Championships will be definately the highlight of the year. And “by the way”: 16 Olympic spots can be harvested. 81 Women and 101 Men will try to get them in the supreme discipline individual. Just take a look at the TRA_2019_WCH_Tokyo_Nominative registrations. Find your favorite athlete,…
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Twisting Tsar Mikhail

Running fast on the track, breathtaking somersaults and twists and a stand of concrete… if you are edicted to DMT there is one hero to watch: “Tsar” Mikhail Zalomin from Russia. As little boy he came into a gym with holes in the trampoline net, was not good enough for a tumbling career and found fortunally a short 10 meters DMT equipment. He says:  “I didn’t have too many options, so I chose DMT. In…
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Trampoline Globalization

After the fourth Worldcup of the FIG Series 2019/20 you can see the globalization of trampoline… Worldcup points for 33 countries in total showing a clear language. There is a lot of development and worldclass performance worldwide. Our sports is on a very good way! The FIG Worldcup ranking list is getting more and more contour. Leading positions for Hancharou (Belarus) in mens individual and Liu (China) in womens individual. Now full focus on World…
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Connection to Spain

From tomorrow on the “trampoline world” will turn around Valladolid. You may follow the action at the link below: http://rfegimnasia.es/microsite/Url/fig-trampoline-world-cup-valladolid-2019?fbclid=IwAR1q_vg-Gc9VdcECeGkABI5g_P2wjjP_lGGgj2BfC4FYCHmQAVhmwcEAQZc Enjoy this exciting competition!!!