Articles for Coaches

May you have another reference to an article database for coaches. You will find various studies and investigations about the diverse fields in sports sciences. Enjoy the search here: SPRINT. A current selection of trampoline related you will see below. SCGYM_11_2_2019_article_8 SCGYM_11_2_2019_article_10

Stream the action…

For your information: the link to livestream tomorrow European Games Trampoline Action Enjoy it… New: Liveresults at And don´t forget to vote for the winner in the footer of this page. From our experts meaning the favorites are Yana Pavlova(RUS) and Allan Morante (FRA). The poll will stop at the beginning of the competitions tomorrow 2pm CET.  

Forecast European Games

Take a look at the Nominative ENTRIES of the European Games 2019 in Minsk. At the multisport event in Belarus the Trampoline decisions will take place on 24th and 25th of June. In the footer you may give us your winner choice and show your talent for betting. To follow the action you may have a look at this SITE. We are looking forward to see this European Highlight!

Danish Coordination

At Frivolten Cup he was shining as a double winner. As in individual event he won the two trick competition with an impressive 160001o 12103< combination. The audience was excited… we also… Time to introduce the Danish Champion Benjamin Salo Kjaer. His interesting upcoming international career is developing with much reflection from himself: “In my past I’ve always had a hard time learning new skills and moves because my aerial awareness hasn’t always been the…
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Swedish Allrounder

There are now only a few athletes on world class level who perform DMT and “Big Tramp” at the same time with passion and success. World DMT Champion Lina Sjöberg is one of these positive exceptions. The 25year old swedish athlete startet with trampolining for fun after her career in artistic gymnastics national team in 2011. And she stepped continious and powerful forward to reach the international level in both disciplines Individual and DMT. Selected…
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