Twisting Tsar Mikhail

Running fast on the track, breathtaking somersaults and twists and a stand of concrete… if you are edicted to DMT there is one hero to watch: “Tsar” Mikhail Zalomin from Russia.

As little boy he came into a gym with holes in the trampoline net, was not good enough for a tumbling career and found fortunally a short 10 meters DMT equipment. He says:  “I didn’t have too many options, so I chose DMT. In DMT, how high you get depends on how hard you push off and how fast you run. This is what attracted me, I guess. When I was a kid, I was a very good runner. I was faster than most of my peers.”


Now after six Worlds Goldmedals and another six first places at Europeans the 26years old Muscovite is undoubtly a star of the trampoline scene.

Hard training, knowing that fast twisting in the air is his strong suit and preparing all passes on trampoline with soft landing are his personal secrets to success.

And he is finding his passion: “You have to be competitive, committed and love what you do... To me, this is my job. This is what I do. That’s the best, right, when you can enjoy your work? I just love to do what I do. I am motivated by athletes from other sports who are older than me.

And of course many heros like Irina Karavaeva inspire him to try to reach new highlights.

Just now preparations for Worlds in Tokyo are running good and there is no simple goals for him in Japan: “From Tokyo I expect three wins in the team DMT , in the team all-around and individual ! And I will do everything in my power to do it!

Mikhail, we will be also excited to see you in new Ariake Gymnastic Centre. Good luck!

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