Constança brasileira

There are a lot of olympic qualification points on her Worldcup account: Camilla Gomes Gluckstein from Brazil.

With hard work, experiences from a seven year international career and concentration she is bringing an impressive consistency into this Worldcup season.

As almost all the little kids in sports I’ve had the BIG dream of competing at the Olympics. After being shy of qualifying in 2016, this dream have never felt so real as of now… I don’t take anything for granted, I keep working hard to be the best version of myself every single day and doing whatever it takes to make this dream come true. “: she said about her motivation in this olympic process.


Camilla was doing shortly artistic gymnastics then moving into trampoline at the age of Eight. Continuous development brought her into an first international competition in 2012.

Her trampoline career was also a romantic story. So she found in our sports the love of her life, is now living in the USA with her husband Steven Gluckstein and working as a coach for gymnastics and trampoline.

The brazilian athlete is not only thinking about a short olympic dream: “I plan to stay involved in the sport as much as I can as an athlete and a coach, also, I am almost done with a nutrition course and I can’t wait to help other achieve their goals. I hope I can inspire other to never give up, the journey will have it ups and down, sometimes more downs then ups but I believe that at the end it all will be worth it.

But now it is ten days to Valladolid. There she will sample the next points for Tokyo2020.

Good luck from us Camilla!



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