Turkish Delight

A world class voluntary routine with a 10.0 HD score you could see at the first edition of Orange Cup in Antalya last weekend.

Performed by Gürkan Mutlu the first ever role model of turkish trampolining.

The 25year old athlete started his trampoline career late with good experiences from artistic gymnastics and break dance.

He was part of the successful project from Turkish Gymnastics Federation to build a trampoline sports structure. He says: “I am the first Turkish sportsman to represent my country in European, World Championships and World Cup. I’m like a example for our kids. I haven’t had a huge international success yet, but I’ve always been proud to be the first athlete. This olympic cycle we are preparing hard , normal time we train 27 hours a week and try to be ready make a training camp before competition. I did not perform very well at the begining of this year but I think I will be getting better every day.”

Gürkan was 20times National Champion and in 2016 semifinalist at the Europeans.


At the upcoming Worldcups and the World Championships in Tokyo Gürkan and the turkish team will try to make the next step: show the progress of the hard work and sample some points for the olympic qualification process.

With the influence of experienced coaches like Zaza Abramashvili from Georgia and trying to learn more and more about the “secrets” of trampolining we are sur that they will be fast close to the best nations in the world.

Good luck Gürkan and see you at the next competitions.




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