Danish Coordination

At Frivolten Cup he was shining as a double winner. As in individual event he won the two trick competition with an impressive 160001o 12103< combination.

The audience was excited… we also… Time to introduce the Danish Champion Benjamin Salo Kjaer.

His interesting upcoming international career is developing with much reflection from himself: “In my past I’ve always had a hard time learning new skills and moves because my aerial awareness hasn’t always been the best. After I noticed this I really started working on this as well as my general strength. Today I’ve almost achieved everything that I’ve set my goals for. I’ve participated in lots of great tournaments and also won a few. For the future I’d love to continue doing this sport for many years to come.”

So we will have a focus on his further improvements that is accompanied with an dual career: “Atm I’m studying software engineering and that’s also what I’d like to pursue as a full time job. I love creating creative solutions to simple problems. Other than that I love working on my car and fixing broken hardware.”

Good luck on your way Benjamin and see you soon at the trampoline stage!



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