Swedish Allrounder

There are now only a few athletes on world class level who perform DMT and “Big Tramp” at the same time with passion and success.

World DMT Champion Lina Sjöberg is one of these positive exceptions.

The 25year old swedish athlete startet with trampolining for fun after her career in artistic gymnastics national team in 2011.

And she stepped continious and powerful forward to reach the international level in both disciplines Individual and DMT. Selected for the Swedish National Team for Europeans and then Worlds screw targets higher and brought her finally to the podiums.

Her reasons to combine both disciplines: “I like the combination of both double mini and trampoline cuz it never gets boring at practice. Even if one discipline isn’t working as good as I want to, the other one is there to keep my motivation up. Sometimes dmt goes very well and then that’s what I like the most, but sometimes I might just not have the power and then it’s easier (and more fun) to work on trampoline.


Knowing about the similarities and differences gives her a lot of motivation: “They are a bit different even if it’s pretty much the same thing. Dmt requires more power and courage and that’s what I really love about it, you always have to give it 100%. Trampoline is more precision and timing, which is a bit harder for me but I’m working on it!”

The World Champion title was well prepared and deserved after permanently being on top girls during the last years. Lina is still hungry for further success and showing the trampoline scene her outstanding class.

“I haven’t really figured out what my next goal is, but I still want to perform good in dmt at Worlds this year even if I started to focus more on trampoline now. I’m definitely not done with dmt even if I’m curious on how far I can go if I focus on trampoline, I just love both disciplines and I think the combination of both helps to keep the motivation going.”

In coming fall she will finish her studies in law and then will start the project to combine sports and profession. We are sure she will find a solid solution.

Good luck Lina for your next competitions… of course in both disciplines…


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