Big in Europe

For the second time will be the European Games fill the sports summer as an multisport event.

The Belarussian capital Minsk will host about 4000 athletes from 15 kind of sports.

Several of them will use the games as an olympic qualifying competition from 21st of June till 1st of July.

The trampoline decisions will be from 24th till 25th of June with 48 athletes from 21 countries.

TRA qualified for EG 2019

And its interesting to look back to the 2015 European Games edition in Baku (Azerbaidchan) with the individual winners Yana Pavlova (RUS) and Dmitry Ushakov (RUS). Also in synchronised finals triumphed russian athletes: Kronetskaya/Pavlova and Melnik/Ushakov.



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