Kakvo pravi toĭ dnes?

What is he doing now?

Radostin Rachev was one of the most impressive DMT athletes ever…

The Bulgarian Top Star did answered some questions about past, present and future ot his career and personal life.


Just enjoy his thoughts:

“During my sport career I’ve had the privilege and chance to win all of the big titles in my spectacular discipline (Double-mini trampoline) – World Champion, European Champion (3 times) and World Games winner (2 times). The strong emotions related to the victories of big international competitions of the highest level will always remain in my consciousness and will never vanish.

I had three coaches during that period of time who helped me in building my character as a competitor of high level. In my early years, it was Nasko Alagenski. Afterwards I had long and successful cooperation with my main coach – Miglena Dimitrova. And in my late years, I had on board – Irena Teneva. I’m sincerely thankful to all of them for their indulgence and for helping me in overcoming a lot of difficult periods in my career and building my champion’s spirit.

Although I’m away from the trampoline for many years I’m still trying to follow the big championships. My conclusion from what I see is that every generation is better than the previous one and our beautiful sport with all disciplines – Trampoline, Double-mini, Tumbling and Synchro – has evolved a lot compared to 15 years ago. In my discipline I would mention big champions like Mikhail Zalomin and Austin White, who launched our discipline in the last years to a qualitatively new dimension! Like trampoline I would be extremely satisfied to see in future years Tumbling and Double-mini in the Olympic program. With their spectacularity and evolvement in the last years they really deserve it!

Currently, I possess and manage a management consulting company (3P Consulting) in Bulgaria. What we do is to help medium and big companies to improve their productivity and results through organizational changes.

I and my wife Teodora (who also used to be a champion in DMT) have three beautiful children – Pavel, Yana and Raya. ”

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  1. My Favourite Champion 😊

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