Dutch “Innovation”

Lets have a look to the Netherlands.

We know about the services of the dutch friends. Especially in the olympic era of trampoline. Andrea Lenders and Alan Villafuerte are best examples for extraordinary careers within a lot of successful athletes, coaches and officials. The Flowercup and the Dutch Open are standing for innovation, creativity and fantastic organization.

After a hapless Worlds for Team Holland in St. Petersburg we could see Jackie Lionahr and Romana Schuring at the FIG Worldcup in Minsk.

But you have to know about the circumstances, the new politics of the KNGU (Dutch Gymnastics Federation) and Topsport Holland.

We add two articles for you to build your own opinion.

KNGU schrapt topsportstatus trampoline

Schuring en Lionahr gaan voor Tokio

And additional the voice of Romana after cutting all funds for the olympic qualification system: “We now have a group of volunteers that make our qualification rules and basically manage everything around the sport. They also came up with the idea that if you wanted to go to the Minsk World Cup you would have to do all of the world cups, because of the World Cup ranking. Since our federation isn’t financially supporting us anymore we have to pay for all the World Cups ourselves, which will be around 15000 euros. We had to decide on this within 2 days because of the closing date for the Minsk World Cup. The same goes for Europeans and world championships. It’s really chaotic and all right now but I personally think that it could a good thing for us since we weren’t allowed to go to any world cups and now we’re basically in charge ourselves.

Good to know that the girls are still positive and make a very good job with a lot of support, enthusiasm and self-motivation.

Wish you the best: Jackie and Romana!


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