Unofficial mathematics

Imagine that you are a journalist of a small newspaper somewhere in the world. And you intend to write a nice article about an trampoline athlete that was very successful within this Worldcup season. After the conversation with the smart athlete you was sure to make a high class document. As a conscientious researcher it is only one thing missing: to verify the informations about points and standings on the official FIG Website.

And you find only the result of Baku in the World Ranking List until now. (29.4. 12.30 CET).

“Interesting” in a modern time of real-time controlling in the sports scene!

Without any comment we will show you another statistics.

This is the ranking of the respective best athlete of every Nation in the Worldcup Series.

And note: it is not official 😉

1 China Belarus
2 Belarus Russia
3 Great Britain New Zealand
4 Japan China
5 Canada Japan
6 Russia Portugal
7 Mexico Australia
8 Brazil Canada
9 France Georgia
10 New Zealand France
11 USA Germany
12 Australia USA
13 Spain Great Britain
14 Germany Ukraine
15 Uzbekistan Italy
16 Ukraine Kazakhztan
17 Portugal Poland
18   Austria
19   Spain

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