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You was missing to see this great line in Minsk last week? We too!

Allan Morante from France missed the Worldcup for health reasons. As he told us in detail: “Unfortunately I couldn’t do the Minsk world cup because of a back problem that arose 10 days before the world cup. My back hurts me and I had a possible risk of fatigue fracture. The doctor advised me to stop trampoline for a while and do a lot of muscle building around my back. I also do physiotherapy every day and mental preparation (visualizing my routines).


This must be very painful for him cause he really likes the new qualification system. It gives a lot of motivation to him to compete every Worldcup with the full international rivalry. The strategy of this six events contest inspires the 24year old athlete more than one deciding competition.

And it is necessary for filling his dreams.

Beginning with trampoline in the age of 8 as a hyperactive child he had started an impressive career that culminates in the 4th place at Worlds 2017 right very close behind Dong Dong.

This gives him the conviction that his dream of an Olympic Medal could become true. With ambitious and hard work and a clear mind everything should be possible.

For the current season Allan will pick up as much Worldcup points as possible and of course to make finals in Tokyo Worlds and hopefully join the podium.

We wish Allan a fast recovery. His mentality: “Injuries and failures should not be perceived as harmful in a sports career. For me, they are a component of success. I will be back stronger.” will bring him back soon.



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