Piatrenia Power…

Coming from her own organizing competition in Mogilny Tatsiana Piatrenia is fully focused on the Worldcup in Minsk next weekend.

She is convincing about the preparations of the Belarus home team. They are in great shape and absolute motivated to climbe the podium in front of the home crowd.

With her own great energy she is working in our exciting sports. Her own competition in Mogilny took place last week for the 8th consecutive time with 100 athletes from Lithuania, Italy and Belarus.


In her own words: “These competitions are a great opportunity for the athletes to exert themselves, improve their skills and gain competition experience. The main challenge of this tournament is popularization and development of trampoline tumbling, contacts extension in exchanging of experience in athlete training and strengthening of friendly ties with athletes from other countries. In the run-up to the Multisporting Forum the World Cup stage takes place from 20th to 21nd April in Minsk. It will be a kind of rehearsal of European Games. Belarus has already held international competitions more than once and there is no doubt the World Cup will be held in high-level and all facilities will be provided to make athletes at home and comfortable.”

Tatsiana´s own career has a little break until October. Then the World Individuel Champion of 2017 will be back on stage! Preparing her fifth olympic experience is the ambitious goal!

Good luck Tatsiana and thank you for your inspiration for our sports!

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