Zaporozchenko Style

If you see the results of the Russian Trampoline Cup in Ramenskoje last week you will see two names on the winners list: Nikita Fedorenko and Irina Kundius.

Also you will recognize that Dimitri Ushakov is back in shape after missing the first Worldcup of the season.

More thinking about the names will bring you the a geographical question; from which city they all come from? Yeysk! Oh! Lets find it on Google Earth. Picturesque location on the shores of the Black Sea.

Done and add the knowledge about the head coaches: father and son Zaporozchenko.

They told us that the training is going better and better and so it is natural that they set high goals for Minsk.

Both Oleg Zaporozchenko good luck in Minsk and for the future…


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