Mexican promise…

At least since the success of mexican athletes at the World Championships in St. Petersburg it is worth to look at the middle american team in trampoline.

Retrospective a few years ago you will see one of the first highlights of the team at World Age Group Championships and in detail the Youth Olympic Games 2014 in Nanjing.

At that time on fourth place surprisingly was Armando Loria. Now 21years old and much more experienced he will join the Worldcup in Minsk and the real olympic qualification process.

The student of communication science is awaring the hard concurrence and the quality of the line-up in Belarus. But he is a fighter, coming back from several injuries in his career that started in the age of 12.


Motivation in his own words: “The most important thing is to motivate future generations, despite the difficulties and adversities, not to give up and pursue their dreams.

The mexicans are working as an very ambitious team on their olympic dream. Second goal will be the preparation for Pan-American Games.

Good luck Armando and Mexico in Minsk. Fingers crossed for a successful competition!

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  1. Way qué cool Armando ya anda en el.otro lado

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