“7th Apparatus”

Full house at the “Oberliga Hessen” match last Saturday in Büttelborn(Germany)…

Olympic High Bar Champion Fabian Hambüchen did his first ever trampoline competition.

And he did it well in front of a big crowd! No wonder because his experiences on big international competitions in gymnastics and several TV Shows.

Inspired from his girlfriend who is an trampoline athlete of TV Büttelborn he attended several trainings in the small town in the State of Hessen near Frankfurt/Main.

According to the philosophy of the coach Mirko Bott: “who is going to training must do competitions as well” there was only one way to go…

The bustling coach was knowing the potential and was playing the “media card”. Several newspapers told the story. In social media you can see the ROUTINES. The talented sports photographer Tim Dannenberg (FOTAGIO.DE) was on place as well as many spectators.

It should be not a one-time story. On 8th of June Fabian will plan to compete at the Sauerkraut-Pokal again in Büttelborn. And who knows: this ambitious, teamworking and smart guy will delight his fans on the seventh apparatus.

Good luck to Fabian and TV Büttelborn!



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