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One fix point of this trampoline summer will be the annual UEG Trainingcamp from 21st till 27th of July in Sangalhos (Portugal).

UEG TC Chef Vladimir Zeman is proud again to present absolute coaching experts in this camp. Sure the participants will learn a lot from Irina Karavaeva, Julie Perreten, Luis Nunes, Paul Greaves, Sergio Lucas and Vladislav Skakun. Additional to this Kristof Willerton (GBR/TUM) will share his experiences as Worldclass Athlete.

UEG Experts

As the philosophy of UEG TC of this camp is convincing:

… is to provide access and enjoyment for those who would like to improve their performance under supervising coaching experts provided by the UEG TRA-TC. The experts will organize the improvement oriented trainings for young participating gymnasts and their coaches. The experts will organize also the exchange of experience and moderated lectures for the coaches. The participants will learn the trainings’ planning and the progressive construction of routines as well.

…the combination of improving yourself in sports with meeting friends from all over Europe under the protuguese summer sun seems to be perfect.

Don´t hesitate to join the camp with help of your national federation.

Find all necessary informations HERE and INVITATION.




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