About Schmidt

You know the Hollywood Movie “About Schmidt”?

The price winning blockbuster with Jack Nicholson shows a man on a heavy way.

Schmidt´s trampoline namesake Dylan from Newzeeland also had a very special road to cross.

Coming from a excessional successful career he had to overcome an long injury break.

But Dylan is smart and cool and was working out focused and meticulous in rehabilitation.

The Youth Olympic Champion from Nanjing 2014 and the 7th of the Rio Games 2016 was celebrating a fantastic comeback in the first Worldcup in Baku last month.


He was so kind to tell us about his feelings in Baku and his plannings for the future:

“It was just amazing to be back out competing again. I really missed the challenge and the feeling of competing. The result was truly overwhelming. But I put in so much hard work since my injury, and felt very much deserving of what I achieved. My plan is to attend every world cup and secure my spot for the Olympics. Hopefully sneaking onto the podium if I can, and again at worlds.”

We will see Dylan on his next step in Minsk again and we are sure he will improve again.

Good luck!


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