European project

We kindly point out of a project of the European Commission.

The Erasmus+ programme is an European Union programme in the fields of education, training, youth and sport.

Luigi Meda from Italy as initiator is inviting European Clubs to paticipate in the process of this project:

Dear Friends,

I am writing asking for your collaboration in a wonderful European Project

we are trying to develop with a European Union call “Erasmus+”.

Exactly it consists in creating in Italy structures with trampolines of the latest generation

and for two years offer several European clubs, for free, weekly, summer and winter stages,

all monitored by high-level coaches, taken from countries that have qualified several times in the Olympics.

Finally all the work done will be collected by a professional who will transform

the work in a multimedia dvd distributed for free.

The most complex thing to adhere to this project and that worries me the most is that if you

want to take advantage of this opportunity completely free, it is essential to register on the

portal of the European Community as soon as possible. If by the end of March I will not

have reached the indispensable number, they will stop the project.

If you confirm your interest, here are the steps for registration:

To register in the Participant Portal and join this project without any legal and financial responsibility

(only we, as project leader, have this responsibility and an insurance that protect us),

you must carry out the following steps:

Step 1_ Click on this link:

to create an EU Login account

(this can be done by any person who represents the club)

Step 2_Click on this link:

Access the Participant Portal and register on behalf of the organisation/group.

Once the registration is completed, the organisation/group will obtain a Participant Identification Code (PIC).

Step 3_ Send us the PIC number we will need to insert you as partner of our project.

I kindly ask you to do this as soon as possible, as we will be able to include the project

in the “eform” for evaluation by the European Community, only if we have included at least 5 partners.

If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us by email, and please find attached the

“Erasmus + Programme Guide 2019” in part C – Informations for applicants.

Thanking in advance for a quick reply, best Regards

Luigi Meda

A.S.D. S.G. Milano 2000
Via Martignoni 1/A
20124 Milano
tel +39 02 603288

Following documents will help you:



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