First step

What an exciting event in Baku.

The best trampolinists of the world delivered an impressive show in the Milli Gymnastika Arena.

Fantastic routines, thrilling small point distances and the joy and sorrow of the real importent competitions.

Newcomer Qianqi Lin (CHN) and Olympic Champion Uladzislau Hancharou (BLR) leading after Individual Trampoline preliminaries.


Much more interesting for athletes, coaches, officials and fans is the olympic qualification process.

We will give you a fictive table šŸ˜‰


Finalplaces: CHN, CHN, CAN, BLR, RUS, JPN, RUS, JPN

Additionals: FRA, GBR, NZL, USA, BRA, MEX, GER (UZB)


Finalplaces: BLR, CHN, RUS, NZL, CHN, JPN, JPN, BLR

Additionals: POR, AUS, FRA, GBR, GER, CAN, GEO (ALG)

It is only a marginal gimmick. The stairway to heaven is six mor important world class competitions away.

Enjoy the finals tomorrow on AZERBAIDCHAN TV LIVESTREAM from 11.30 h Baku time!!!




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