Ready for take off

One week to go to the first Worldcup of the olympic qualification season 2019/20.

In Azerbaidchan will participate 65 women and 79 men from 30 countries.

So the Milli Gymnastika Arena in Baku will host one of the best visited Worldcup Events ever.

The competition will show all facets of our exciting sport:

Young newcomers from 17 years to “old” stagers with great experience like Flavio Cannone from Italy (38).

From Olympic Champions over YOG participants to repeating tempters: Tokyo 2020 attracts everyone.

The immediate prognosis from our experts is promising a close competition:

Women winner: MacLennan 37,7%, Pavlova 16,4%, Zue Xueling 14,8%

Men winner: Gao Lei 27,5%, Hancharou 23,7%, Dong Dong 15%

You will have the possibility to join our Baku Oracle Poll until next Friday!!!

It is only one click in the footer of this page to be a projectionist!!!



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