Grace and playing on two fields

Baku Worldcup, 16.2.2019: Flight 2, number 2!

In individual womens competition at the upcoming event you will see an athlete with  a very interesting lifeline.

Luba Golovina is not only a three time olympic trampoline gymnast. The Georgian top athlete also is a mother of a four years old boy.

And she is successful to combine both parts of her exhausting life. Be a lovingly and responsibly mother as well as a worldclass trampolinist is sometimes hard. But with the help of her parents and a very strict schedule everything should be possible.

We will have a look at her fourth olympic qualification process and wish her good luck!


Luba told us additional her facts to have a detailled planning for the Worldcup season:

1~ The mood before training is very important ( and you need to be able to customize yourself and it doesn’t matter if you feel bad or good ) .                                                           

2~ Necessary! Music helps me before training!

3~ I get up early in the morning because my son doesn’t let me sleep much longer, so the training is also in the morning, we train together.

4~ I train 6 days a week, and before the competition twice a day.

5~ After every workout I have a physical workout.

6~ weight problems have never been, but trying to eat right.

7~ Psychologically working on my mistakes with myself. ( because our main rival is ourselves).

8~ Many injuries, but in 26 years of training I learned how to train through pain.

9~ I am helped by the fact that my parents are my trainers, the training process we plan together.

10~ And of course relaxation is necessary, without this it is very difficult, to be strained all the time, I always try to mentally distract myself in the evenings. and spend a weekend with friends.

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