African Roots

To have two passports will double up possibilities.

The Algerian Gymnastics Federation played this card as they asked Redha Messatfa two years ago to join the olympic qualification process for Algeria.

There was a lot of convincing moderation necessary. Redha was growing up in France, running throught all levels of the french trampoline educational system. A promising guy also for France.

But there are only a few spots for Tokyo 2020 😉 And after a lot of talks with the family, friends and teammates the decision was made.

Redha Messatfa is now looking forward to give everything under the green algerian flag.

To have all support from the algerian sportssytem and the remain of the possibilities to have training with the french team will help him to start good in Baku in two weeks.


The introduction of Redha will finish with his personal preparation points for the first Worldcup of the season:

1) come to motivated training and focus on goals
2) always warm up well before training
3) stretch after each session
4) recover and physiotherapist
5) eat breast and sleep well between 8 and 10 hours
6) do other things or other activities to make me change my mind
7) see my family and friends
😎 Visualize my sequences
9) Drink plenty of water during and out of workouts
10) Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed
Plausible to have success!!!

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