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You are watching the trampoline scene during the last years?

Then you will remember the upcoming polish guy: Artur Zakrzewski!

He was improving step by step, gaining more and more experiences from the big competitions.

Comparing to the “Worlds Best” will be at the first olympic qualification FIG Worldcup in Baku for him.


Full recovered from an injury he told us his ten preparation points to be successful in Baku:

1. I change my diet, since December and I don’t eat gluten, lactose and meat.

2. Every week I have mental training.

3. 3 times a week I have physical training ( strength, power and stamina ).

4. I have 8 training on trampoline in a week.

5. Mostly I work with my technique.

6. Also training of height are very often.

7. Every week I go to physiotherapist.

8. Once a month I have acupuncture.

9. A lot of dream – 8-9 hours in night, 1hr between training.

10. Everyday visualisation of my jumps and also competition.

Good luck Artur and wish you great routines!


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