Natural charisma

Trampoline is not only strength, power and technical perfection.

Our sports is also grace, beauty and natural charisma.

You need an example to combine medals at Worldcups and World Championships with professional modelling for fun?

Maria Makharynskaya is member of the impressive and successful trampoline team from Belarus.

And her competitions and pictures are telling a promising story.

She was not only sending us her favorite pics… she also telling us ten personal secrets to be productive in the gym.

1. Charging every day.
2. Always go to the gym in a good mood.
3. Swing after each workout.
4. Stretch after every workout.
5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day.
6. I sleep 8-9 hours.
7. I eat according to the schedule.
8. I listen to music with headphones before training 🎧🎵
9. I read books 📚 between workouts.
10. I eat sweet after a productive workout.

So we are sure that she will have fantastic competitions furthermore.

It will be a pleasure to see her at the events and also to follow her stories at instagram or facebook.

Maria model


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