Colombian hope

Angel Hernandez Recalde is one of the promising guys to get a spot for the Olympics 2020 in Tokyo.

The 24years old athlete was born in Spain and is now situated in Medellin (Colombia).

We asked him to give us ten key points to prepare the olympic qualification process.

And his answers are quite convincing.

Good luck Angel and also for your team!!!



1 )Psychological vision preparation

2) Injury prevention workout. Especial care on stretching and proprioception.

3) Plyometrics workout depending on the competence schedule.

4) Occasional aerobic resistance workout.

5) Physical preparation depending of the competitive season.

6) Establish and compliance of objectives about flight time in specific elements and parts of the routine.

7) Day to day resistance to the full routines.

8) Weeks based on each part of the routine performance.

9) Resistance workout on the trampoline doing more than 15 elements one after the other.

10) Do the maximum of competitions, checks-up or competitions simulations to face the real conditions and get into it.


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  1. He was and will be always awesome. Keep up the good work, Angel!

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