A legend in lifetime

He is one of the fixing points in the international trampoline scene over decades.

Noumerous of World Class Athletes was formed by his hands, his thoughts, his support.

A russian “Starchi” in the best way of meaning, a strategic person with outstanding knowledge about our sport, a coaching institution.


Now in the age of 82 years old he is still running the trampoline floor with a lot of success.

His granddaughter Julia was so kind to tell us some facts and private pictures about his life, his work and his person.

  • Growing up in Novorossiysk he moved to Krasnodar and was an athlete on acrobatics and tumbling.
  • He stopped his own career in the age of 32 and started then directly his outstanding coaching process.
  • Building a sportshall by his own with his collegues and athletes in 1977 was the fundament of the aspiring trampoline dynasty in Krasnodar.
  • With acribic work on analysing skills, phases, athletes he was able to develope his own techniqual devices and to bring athletes out of the state of fear.
  • His introvert, calm and modest character only in the very successful moments like olympic gold medal and world champion routines shows big emotions.
  • Since he was often called to work abroad he was always staying all the time in Krasnodar and is loving the city.
  • To play backgammon is the only real hobby in his leisure time.
  • And: he was late to his own wedding because of spoking at a competition;-)


I´m sure you will meet him at the start of the FIG WorldCup Series in Baku again.

We wish him a successful preparation for the next competitions.

Thanks to Julia for this private view behind a great coaching life.


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