Hot Spot

There are several hot spots in the world of trampoline…

We should introduce you some…

Beginning in Middletown, NJ, USA…

Tatiana Kovaleva, the World Champion of Vancouver 1996 is running an outstanding gym… started her competitive programme in 2000 and opened her own business in 2011…

She gave us some facts to know about her impressive facility and her enthusiatic working for our sports.

Get 11 very interesting things about Tatiana and Elite Trampoline Academy:

1. Serious training facility that prepares not only Olympic level trampolinist but simply teaches the proper technique to do trampoline skills

2. All coaches are top level from national champion to Olympian and to world champions.

3. I have coached Gluckstein brothers that have held senior national champion title for the past 10 years.

4. I have opened my facility doors and coached athletes from USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Argentina, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand.

5. We have prepared over 100 National champions.

6. 9 competitive trampoline.

7. Even though we don’t have rod floor – our athlete compete tumbling up to level 8 ( training on gymnastics spring floor).

8. As an owner of the business I still coach 40-45 h a week.

9. We have successful adult classes, teaching not just skills but competitive routines to people never had gymnastics background

10. Centrally located, 4 major airports near by, New York City, beautiful jersey shore, easy non stop flights to europe or any major cities in USA

11. On the weekly basis some of the team athlete are ready to travel up to 4,5 h each way !!! just to train with ETA team.

ETA Look.jpg

You may also give us an idea where trampoline sports lives! Give us a letter for informations about it.


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