Trampoline Globalization

After the fourth Worldcup of the FIG Series 2019/20 you can see the globalization of trampoline… Worldcup points for 33 countries in total showing a clear language. There is a lot of development and worldclass performance worldwide. Our sports is on a very good way! The FIG Worldcup ranking list is getting more and more contour. Leading positions for Hancharou (Belarus) in mens individual and Liu (China) in womens individual. Now full focus on World…
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Connection to Spain

From tomorrow on the “trampoline world” will turn around Valladolid. You may follow the action at the link below: Enjoy this exciting competition!!!  

Constança brasileira

There are a lot of olympic qualification points on her Worldcup account: Camilla Gomes Gluckstein from Brazil. With hard work, experiences from a seven year international career and concentration she is bringing an impressive consistency into this Worldcup season. “As almost all the little kids in sports I’ve had the BIG dream of competing at the Olympics. After being shy of qualifying in 2016, this dream have never felt so real as of now… I…
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Halfway to heaven

As Uladizslau Hancharou (BLR) and Yana Pavlova (RUS) leading the Worldcup ranking panels after an amazing weekend in Khabarovsk the olympic dreams of the successful participants become more and more real statistic background. On the “Worldcup-Road” to possible olympic spots it is halftime. Three thrilling competitions done and also so many important points to collect. Absolutely speculative to say who will make the race. So take the statistics to fill your fantasies. At first…
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Live during the week

If you will be up to date during the exciting trampoline week in Khabarovsk: there is an easy way. On you can follow now the decisions of the Russian Championships in Trampoline, DMT and Tumbling. As well with Livestream and Livescores!!! And then of course at the weekend the FIG Worldcup with the important routines for the olympic qualifications. Enjoy the action in Sibiria. And don´t miss to vote for the winner of…
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